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Sign carving Gallery

Sometimes it is best to just carve it in wood and tell the world!

Route 66 sign

Work sign -
when you need a little truth. 

quilt ladder sign

accomplishment line sign

Family baseball map
stadiums marked and ready to be pinned when visited.

sign made for cop brother who was fighting cancer

bison sign

motivational sign for gym 

ND home

hockey mom

home grown - nd

hunters poem

house warming gift
address blocked out

Irish prayer

For a youngling 

police love

wedding gift


memory sign

memory sign

 military sing - those who know, know. 

mn home

name sign

nd home wall hangings

nd wall hanging

No tresspassing

motivational gym sign

Blessed are the peace keepers

restroom / bathroom signage

nd home

skull carving

memory sign for my shop dog

nd home

motivational gym sign 

sign for teacher appreciation

quilt ladder sign

pet memorial
Never a pleasure, always an honor

thin blue line flag

wall art

this blue line flag w/ carved stars

Christmas humor signs