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Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

Woodcraft, primarily new builds but some refinishing and repair.

What do you specialize in?

Woodcraft, but I dabble in enough other mediums to add unique elements to any project. Even if I cannot personally incorporate a specific medium, I will find someone that can provide me that service.   

What are the rates of your services?

I get asked pricing questions often. The simple answer is, it depends. I'm not a production shop (a shop that produces many of the same items, to sell at a consistent price). I deal more with the custom area of woodwork. I want to make that one of a kind piece for you. With that, there are so many variables that come into play, all of which affect the overall price. Wood, style, finish, specific elements personalizing it to you all play into the price.  This is why I believe in complete, open, communication with my clients. I want you to have EXACTLY what you want whenever possible.   

Why "Rock star Woodcraft"?

Ha-ha, Three reasons:
1) When I started my first business venture, I did so under the name of "Cutting Edge Woodcraft." It was a great name but others felt it was a great business name also. I found that there were a few too many businesses with the words "Cutting Edge" in their titles. I am not a follower. I felt it was time for a change in style, name, look, and direction. 
2) Those that know me, know that I have a deep and undeniable love of all things music. All genres, styles, and eras. I love the music creation process, from writing the lyrics, music theory, and musical sequencing. I love the history of music, seeing how all forms are intertwined, connected, causing it to grow into something new. Music is a universal language speaking directly to the hearts of humankind. It spurs emotions and reactions, consoles, motivates, and can cause both tears and smiles. My biggest regret in life is not taking more time to focus on music but none the less, I want my craft to be my "musical" contribution to the world.
3) Rock stars are people of passion, desire, drive, and attitude. They crave a continued addiction for bigger, better, and grander. Never settling for society's definition of "normal", they want to push the limits and leave something memorable. I may not be on stage in from of thousands of fans, but I have always encompassed the rock star mentality. Go BIG or go home! 🤘

Why a "gmail" email?

Simple answer, it's free! The more I save on the front end, the more savings I get to pass along to you. Second, it is easy to access anywhere, making it easier to stay in contact with my fans...I mean clients.  

do you deliver?

Within reason.