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Hello family, friends, followers, fans, and freaks!!

   I'm a fourth-generation woodworker who finds happiness when involved in the creative process. I love every step in the process, from brainstorming ideas with the client to the rough sketch with pencil and paper, selecting the perfect materials from a number of trusted suppliers, making the first cut, shooting the last nail, and finishing that last stroke with the finish. I love attempting to foresee construction issues before they arise, and when issues ultimately arise, I enjoy the opportunity to find a solution. As I engage in the creative process, I continually try to find ways in which the client will take greater pleasure in their piece. Working the material is almost zen-like and therapeutic in nature. I was fortunate to grow up in a woodshop. Some of my earliest memories involve my grandfather's shop behind the garage, and my dad's first "shop" which was a 10 X 10 shed in the backyard. A few nails, a hammer, and a stack of scrap wood, and I would keep myself busy for hours. As a kid (about 6), moving into a new house, my dad took a section of the basement, and rather than make a standard room, he made a woodshop. I remember hauling a lot of lumber down those stairs, and a lot of completed project back up those same stairs. Thinking this was normal behavior, I thought it weird when I would go to any of my friends' houses only to find that they did not have a dedicated woodshop. Throughout my childhood through high school, there was always a dedicated woodshop in my life. After high school, I joined the military, went to college, and started taking the steps in life necessary to build a future. With this, I was "too busy" to play with wood and tools. After a few years away for any real shop time, I began my career in the criminal justice profession. Starting in corrections and eventually patrolling the streets as a sheriff's deputy, and with working toward two master's degrees, I knew I needed a creative, positive outlet for stress management. It was with being given a table saw as a Christmas gift, from my parents, that I was reminded of my passion for woodcraft. The first moment I flipped the switch and make my first cut on a scrap piece of 2X4 found in the yard, I was hooked once again. For over the last 20-some years, my woodshop has been my therapist, my church, my studio, and my place for reflecting on life. Thank you for your support. For more info about me, my love of woodcraft, and life observations, be sure to check out my blog. Two rules that guide life: 1) Always look cool (getting harder as I get older) 2) Always follow your heart (the key to happiness) 


Better known as "Dad" or "Grandpa" when in the shop.

Frequently making guest appearances in the shop, Ron (dad /grandpa) provides over 60 years of experience, insights, and observations in the creative process.  Recently retired from his "real job," it has been my mission to get him into the shop on a more frequent basis.... I wouldn't want him to get bored during his retirement. He may have taught me most of what I know, but I'm sure he hasn't taught me all that he knows. At times when I'm looking at a situition with an overcomplicated, over thought out approach, he sees the easier, most straight forward, and common sense avenue. As a child, he grew up in my grandfather's shop where simplicity, moderation, and using what you had was the norm. 

The Management Team

Highly involved in the day-to-day decision making and operations, these two keep things interesting in the shop. Yes.....they have been known to wear their PJ'S during our strategy meetings.